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Driss Alaoui Mdaghri

(Poet, Professor, Ex-Minister)


Driss Alaoui M’Daghri , born 21 June 1944 in Fez , is a poet, an academic, and a politician, he was minister several times in various Moroccan governments.Driss Alaoui M’Daghri holds a postgraduate diploma (DEA) in sociology from the Mohammed V University in Rabat and a State doctorate in Economic Law of the University of Nice .He began his career as a university professor at the ISCAE (ISCAE) and the Al Akhawayn University . From 1976 to1983 he was director of the ISCAE.

On 11 August 1992 , during the formation of the government Lamrani V , he was appointed Minister of Energy and Mines. On 11 November 1993 , he became Minister of Youth and Sports in the Government Lamrani VI , a post he held from June 1994 to January 1995 in the government I Filali . From February 1995 to February 1998 , he held the position of minister Communication, Spokesman of governments Filali II and III Filali 1 . On 17July 2009 , he became president of the Committee for Economy General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM) in team Mohamed Horani .


Badara Seck

(Griot and Singer)

Badara Seck is a Senegalese singer and composer from a family of Griot.

Thanks to the charisma and his singing talent has traveled the world, first in Canada and in the countries of Central and Western, then in Switzerland, elsewhere in Europe and in Italy.

Since 1992 he worked with Luigi Cinque with which to realized starring dozens of concerts documentary films, CDs and works worldwide. He has worked with Peter Brook, he has participated in numerous international festivals and Italian, working with world-renowned artists, including Francis Bebey, Serena Sartori, Peter Brook, Andreas Wollenwaider, Miriam Makeba, Paolo Fresu and Raiz.

With his group Penc has performed in numerous concerts in Italy, in Europe and in Africa.

He participated in the realization of the latest CD by Mauro Pagani and Massimo Ranieri, who since then accompanies all his concerts.



Jacelyn Parry

(President & Secretary General)


Jacelyn Parry is a vocalist & songwriter, composer, music producer , sound designer , creative consultant and actress. She graduated from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Australia and has since released albums such as ‘ East to West ‘ with the label ConcertOne in Rome.

Her compositions were featured in the Paris European Spiritual Film Festival, on Rai TV, Radio Vaticano and has written music for documentaries. Her latest album of jazz music ‘In Quiet Tones’ is currently published in the UK with songs placed in films such as ‘Something Good’ by Luca Barbareschi and ‘Fever’ by Rajeev Jhavari . Jacelyn has collaborated in 2004 on the Grammy winning album of Kanye West’s ‘ College Dropout ‘, she has written for the worlds first audiophile Italian magazine ‘Souno’ interviewing Marantz guru Ken Ishiwata, she has also acted in several films in Italy of which she has played the leading role in ‘ Vendetta Chinese ‘ of the Manetti Bros. She has performed live with several of Italy ‘s top jazz musicians such as Giovanni Tomasso for La Repubblica in Perugia, Umbria Jazz festival 2014; with Jazz pianist of the year , Mirko Signorile, Giuseppe Bassi and Roberto Ottaviano . In 2014, she received an award from the Morrocan Ministry of Culture in recognition of her participation in the Andalusiat festival held in Casablanca.

Rashmi Bhatt

(Indian Percussionist)


Born in India and grew up in Pondicherry, he studied the art of Tabla, under the guidance of SHRI TORUN BANERJEE. After he moved to Europe, he is constantly invited to perform in concerts with great Indian maestros like Krishna Bhatt, S. SHANKAR, Pandit Chaurasia, with persian musicians Ostad Majid Darakhshani, Keyhan Kahlor in France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Italy, Dubai, Marocco and Tunisia.

He is fascinated by the possibility of experimentation and fusion between different ethnic groups and their musical languages and has collaborated with musicians like the Kenyan singer AYUB OKAD, german trumpet player MARCUS STOCKHAUSEN, the famous Pakistani singer NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHANand guitarist and a Canadian producer MICHAEL BROOK and the Oudh Player NASEER SHAMMA. He recently toured Africa with Gabin Dabire and has toured with world famous pop singer SHAKIRA.

In recent years, his main research has been oriented towards the discovery of different cultures and their musical languages, hence a variety of projects with musicians from countries, from MAROCCO to PERSIA, from AFGHANISTAN  to MALI , from SYRIA to BRAZIL. He was invited to perform at the prestigious WOMEX FESTIVAL in October 2010 in Copenhagen. He is the Art Director of WORLD RHYTHM FESTIVAL in Italy.

Rashmi is often invited to International Congresses to present a History of Indian Music and to talk on the structures of Raga and Rhythms of Indian Classical Music. He does the same also in the National Music Conservatories of Italy, France and Spain and also does Workshops on RHYTHM for the children all over europe with aim of Inter Action between two Cultures called INTERCULTURE which helps a lot the Integration of different races.

He lives in Rome, Italy.

Tommasso Massari


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