Honorary Members

Driss Alaoui Mdaghri

Poet, Professor, Ex-Minister


Driss Alaoui M’Daghri , born 21 June 1944 in Fez , is a poet, an academic, and a politician, he was minister several times in various Moroccan governments.Driss Alaoui M’Daghri holds a postgraduate diploma (DEA) in sociology from the Mohammed V University in Rabat and a State doctorate in Economic Law of the University of Nice .He began his career as a university professor at the ISCAE (ISCAE) and the Al Akhawayn University . From 1976 to1983 he was director of the ISCAE.

On 11 August 1992 , during the formation of the government Lamrani V , he was appointed Minister of Energy and Mines. On 11 November 1993 , he became Minister of Youth and Sports in the Government Lamrani VI , a post he held from June 1994 to January 1995 in the government I Filali . From February 1995 to February 1998 , he held the position of minister Communication, Spokesman of governments Filali II and III Filali 1 . On 17 July 2009 , he became president of the Committee for Economy General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM) in team Mohamed Horani .



Hassan Abouyoub 

Morrocan Ambassador of Rome


Abouyoub Hassan was born in Berrechid on May 18, 1952. His parents who are Berbers originate in Tafraout , Souss-Massa-Draa south of Morocco . He is a Moroccan politician, a graduate of EMLYON Business School  and Lyon Management School (ESC 1974). He was the Ambassador of Morocco in France , the presidential candidate of the WTO , Minister of Tourism, agriculture and foreign trade in Morocco and the ambassador of King Mohammed VI . In 2010 , he was appointed ambassador to Rome in Italy , replacing Nabil Benabdallah . Hassan Abouyoub is a polyglot who speaks several languages: English, Arabic, Berber, Spanish, French, Italian.


Lilia Trapani Hartmann

Film Casting Director of Studio-t


Lilia was born and raised in the milieu of Italian cinema. Of both Italian and Swiss nationality she speaks Italian, German, English, French and Spanish. She has a doctorate degree in contemporary history.

After a short experience as an AD, Lilia began working as a casting director in the early 70′s and has since built an extensive knowledge of Italian and international cinema. In 1985 she founded Studio T, which soon became the most important casting organization in Italy, and has since guided and directed the castings for feature films, television movies and major commercial productions, getting an increasing specialization in casting for major international film productions shooting in Italy.

Lilia is a member of the Italian Film Academy, of the International Casting DIrector Net and of the CSA (Casting Society America). In 2009 and 2013 she has been a juror for the Emmy Awards.



Larbi Belarbi

CEO of SOMACA/Renault Maroc


Mr. Larbi Belarbi is the CEO of SOMACA/Renault Maroc since August 2001. He is a graduate of “Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Lyon” and holds an MBA from HEC Paris. He also attended trainings in International Marketing at Harvard University, and Leadership and Business Management at Stanford University and INSEAD.

Prior to joining Renault Maroc, Mr. Larbi Belarbi worked as a consultant in the fields of strategy, finance and marketing for different Canadian corporate leaders. He is a member of several Administrative Councils for different businesses and professional associations such as the North American Automotive Industry, the North American Steel Council, and the Strategic Committee on Communication and Media Relations. In July 2008, he was appointed Advisor to the President of the EUROMED Africa Region of Renault.

Mr. Larbi Belarbi began his career at “Editions Hachette” as Head of the Maghreb Educational Center. He then joined the textile group ICOMA as a Sales Director and later the Moroccan subsidiary of ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph) as General Director.

Today, Mr. Larbi Belarbi is the Honorary Consul of Japan in Morocco, a member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Chairman of the Academic Committee at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Vice-President of the Moroccan Association of Competitive Intelligence, and Director of several public and private companies.


Dr. Kamal Oudrhiri

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA & Founder of Grove of Hope

Dr. Kamal Oudrhiri

Dr. Kamal Oudrhiri is a Research Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. As a technical manager in the fields of communication and navigation, Dr. Oudrhiri works closely with scientists and technologists in the Communication, Tracking and Radar at JPL as well as other NASA centers to develop the next generation command, control, communications and intelligence (C3I) protocols for NASA’s flight missions. His work has focused on the evolution of NASA’s satellite and ground infrastructure to support human and robotic explorations and the infusion steps for new technology to support the goals of NASA’s future space programs.

Dr. Oudrhiri was the lead radio scientist on a multi-year research task whose goal was to define the range of future technologies required to motivate the next wave of scientific discoveries. Working with senior research scientists and technologists, he spearheaded the development of a Science Instrument Roadmap that was delivered to the radio science community in 2009.

For the period 2004 to 2008, Dr. Oudrhiri served in key leadership roles for the two critical NASA missions: The Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) “Spirit” and “Opportunity” and the International Cassini mission to Saturn. He received NASA Honor Awards for his work on MER and Cassini.

Lastly, Dr. Oudrhiri has proven himself to be a model ‘NASA citizen,’ deeply committed in his personal life to the important NASA goals of bringing the knowledge and benefits of space exploration to the next generations. In 2003, he founded Grove of Hope, a non-profit organization that works to bring science educational opportunities to children and their schools in Africa and the Middle East.


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